Dynamis - Xarcabard - May 24th

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Dynamis - Xarcabard - May 24th

Post  Blasta on Mon May 25, 2009 12:55 am

First we had our Beaucedine taken, Then some random ls was supposed to have 15 minutes left at Sandoria but when we were trying to enter, they said 1 hour and 15 minutes... So all zones were pretty much taken, we ran quickly to Xarcabard and entered as soon as it was possible. I had about 10 minutes to prepare sacpulling as RDM, because i got kind of late announcement that river wont be able to make it. We actually did good despite the wipes and with a bit of a luck we got THF and WHM. (A special grats to Septor for TH4, you deserve it)

Thats not all folks, while deciding where to go farm next i found out that we were on top of Legacy shells schedule. This day was nothing but stress for me, i hate taking someone else's zones. If anyone from Legacy just happends to read this, im sorry.
Artifacts: THF, WHM


Xanderzt - 3
Largefarva - 3
Septor - (-3 AF2)
Findanniin - 3
Vkandis - 3
Amarok - 3
Omar - 3
Emiperor - 3
Ueauvan - 3
Rurneth - 3
Sagatsan - 3
Keyara - (-3 AF2)
Safir - 3
Jojomio - 3
Astroy - 3
Najarman - 2
Blasta - 3
Xelyu - 3
Flamingraven - 3
Riverwind - 2


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