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Post  Marg on Thu May 28, 2009 8:30 pm

Character Name: Margera

Jobs(70~75): Black Mage 75

Support jobs & levels: whm60 rdm68

Merits: none as of yet

Dynamis areas cleared: never done Dynamis but im ready!

Are you able to attend both runs?: Yes, if i have access to the areas

Any other information you would like to add (tell about yourself, screenshots, past linkshells, good gears, crafts etc)

Ive been playing bout 2yrs main focus has been leveling jobs Im a rank6 and im working my way through CoP, I try have best gear possible for my jobs, Crafting i havn't realy focus on but Ive got Goldsmithing to 48, other than that i have few good friends already is this LS and i could like to join in the fun. Smile


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Post  Blasta on Fri May 29, 2009 12:48 am

Hey Marg,

We do Dynamis kind of low man, meaning that every invidual needs to work more than in other shells. Because of this, its a requirement to have decent/capped merits. At the moment my answer is unfortunetly a No, however if you are willing to merit alot and can find independently linkshells that are willing to help you to get the wins, i will let you join. You can let me know your decision by post reply here or /tell me ingame.


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