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Konigwolf's Application Empty Konigwolf's Application

Post  Konig on Sun Jun 21, 2009 8:29 am

Character Name:Konigwolf
Jobs(70~75):RDM, BLM,SMN,BLU,SAM
Support jobs & levels:WAR37, NIN,44,WHM,57,THF37,DRG46
Merits:BLM fully tier 1 and partial tier 2 merits, RDM partial tier 1 and 2 merits, sam partial 2 1 and 2 merits
Dynamis areas cleared:All cities and Northlands
Are you able to attend both runs?:Yes
Any other information you would like to add (tell about yourself, screenshots, past linkshells, good gears, crafts etc)
I'm a member of Dawn Linkshell on Phoenix, I started playing a week after the initial launch of FFXI in the US. I originally was the character Destrac (aslo in Dawn). In 2006 I took a break from the game for a couple of years, and left my character in the safe keeping of a friend, and when I decided to return in Jan 09, rather than ask for my character back, i took over Konigwolf who was his original character.

I live in the UK, so your GMT start times are ideal for me.

Most of my 75 jobs are fairly well equipped, with a mix of abjuration and salvage gears, i'm also a goldsmith currently at 85.5.


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Konigwolf's Application Empty Re: Konigwolf's Application

Post  Blasta on Sun Jun 21, 2009 1:25 pm

Thanks for apping and showing up Xarcabard test run, to make it formal,



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