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Post  Mettoki- on Tue Jun 23, 2009 12:54 pm

Character Name: Mettoki
Jobs(70~75): (in order of playing preference) SCH SMN PLD BLU BLM RDM
Support jobs & levels: WAR NIN WHM BLM RDM SCH all 37+
Merits: SMN - group 1 complete Summoning Magic +6 Heavenly Strike, BLM ice electric potency max Freeze Burst II Elemental magic skill +6 merits Enfeebling magic +4 SCH- working on Stormsurge
Dynamis areas cleared: 4 main cities cleared. Experience with beaudicine
Are you able to attend both runs?: yes
Any other information you would like to add (tell about yourself, screenshots, past linkshells, good gears, crafts etc)

Uhm...well I'm really good at magic i guess since i soloed BLM from 40-75. Trying to break away from it though I'm leveling MNK and NIN now to try and be more of a front liner and learn what its like. SMN is my baby lol I love it.

Basically I'm looking for people who will have fun but be serious and get things done at the same time.

I have been in Dynacookies and Dynamaniacs

Cooking 36


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Post  Blasta on Wed Jun 24, 2009 10:59 am



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