Dynamis - Xarcabard - June 25th

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Dynamis - Xarcabard - June 25th Empty Dynamis - Xarcabard - June 25th

Post  Blasta on Fri Jun 26, 2009 12:12 pm

We got lucky on /random against Dekopon LS, which means its our 2nd Xarcabard row, which turned out to be somewhat better than the first one. We wiped 3 times but still killed more mobs than on previous run, drops were nice aswell. Im pleased to see more stable runs, which is most likely a result of members understanding the "concept" of Xarcabard. Great job.
Artifacts: NIN x2, COR, PLD, DRG, BLU

Dynamis - Xarcabard - June 25th Dynamis42a


Amarok -3 (pld)
Blasta 3
Emiperor 3
Findanniin 3
Hani -3 (drg)
Jacko -3 (cor)

Jojomio 3
Keyara 3
Konigwolf 3
Margera 3
Myste 3
Omar 2

Retno -3 (blu)
Safir 3
Sagatsan -3 (nin)
Ueauvan 2
Viewpoint 2
Vkandis 2

Xanderzt 3
Xelyu 2

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