Dynamis - Beaucedine : June 28th

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Dynamis - Beaucedine : June 28th Empty Dynamis - Beaucedine : June 28th

Post  Findanniin on Sun Jun 28, 2009 3:07 pm

Great run. Lotsa relic, 0 wipes (though our new sch died like.. 5 times? Twisted Evil ) and some wanted drops too.
A win for 3 of our members, and I think just about everyone in our current memberbase is set.
We got rdm x2 (!!!), smn, drk x3 (>.>), blu, sch , sam aaaand a hundred byne, make this run also financially profitable.

Shame the Blastmaster couldn't make it, though he did make sure I made screenies.

And of course, that *had* to mean:
"Fin, you and your sexy thigs, pose for a screeny, you cat."

Dynamis - Beaucedine : June 28th Ffxi_20090628_202206

Attendance :

Keyara -3 (rdm)
Omar 3
Xelyu 3
Wimpy 3
amarok 3
Emiperor 2

Hani 3
Konigwolf -3 (blu)
Ceresinax 3
Viewpoint 3
Uea-Van 3
Jojomio -3 (smn)

Findaniin 3
Margera 3
Xanderzt -3 (rdm)
Myste 3
Vkandis -3 (sch)
Mettoki 3

Astroy 1

Any questions about points this run, please /tell Findanniin.


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