Dynamis - Bastok - July 2nd

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Dynamis - Bastok - July 2nd Empty Dynamis - Bastok - July 2nd

Post  Findanniin on Thu Jul 02, 2009 12:23 pm

Well, tonights bastok.. could have been better.
While drops weren't half bad, a wipe at start with an auction house linking the stables put us into a lack of time from the getgo.
The beastmaster NM after also took out most of our mages, and we ended up being tossed unceremoniously back into bastok 40 minutes before we should have.

Thursdays have never been our best days attendance wise, but this was pretty low man, even for us, and we felt it too.
Still, all in all, halfway decent drops were had.
3 wootz ores and a hundred byne made the run profitable, though the shorter duration is felt in the lack of single bills.


Amarok 3
Findanniin 1 (-2 rdm)
Hani 3
Konigwolf 3
Margera 3
Mettoki 3

Myste 3
Safir 2
Omar 2
Sagatsan 1 (-2 blu)
Viewpoint 2
Vkandis 0 (-2 sch)

Xamandax 3
Emiperor 2
Xanderzt 2
Silverdragon 1
Jojomio 1


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