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Post  Soho on Fri Jul 10, 2009 7:38 pm

Character Name: Sohoshoho

Jobs(70~75): BLM75 SMN75 DRK75

Support jobs & levels: RDM37 WHM40 SAM36 NIN34 WAR20 THF21 - few gimp subs there as i switched over my sub though out leveling my drk

Merits: MP Max 2, INT 3, Elemental Magic 5, Enfeebling Magic 2, Dark Magic 2, Lightning potency 5, Ice potency 2, Fire potency 2, Water potency 2, Wind potency 2, Earth potency 2, Flare II, Freeze II, Tornado II, Quake II, Burst II, Flood II, Last Resort Recast 1, Desperate Blows 1, Avatar Physical Accuracy 1, Avatar Physical Attack 1, Avatar Magical Accuracy 1, Avatar Magical Attack 1, Heavenly Strike 2,

Dynamis areas cleared: Only 1 win (Bastok) - I was with Blueiron

Are you able to attend both runs?: yes

BLM is my main and favroute was my 1st job to 75 i soloed and mana burn 40-75 i merit this way too or solo on my SMN.

Linkshell i was in before was blueiron <(_ _)>

Gears: all element staffs Sorcerer's gloves, black cloak, bugard leather strap +1, Igqira tiara, Igqira weskit, BLM AF set, Mahatma Slops, Abyssal Earring, Cobra Trews, Phantom Tathlum, Elemental Torque, Moldavite Earring, Rainbow Cape, Vicious Mufflers, Zircon rings, SMN AF set, Walahra Turban, Beak Necklace, Antivenom Earring, Insomnia Earring, Yinyang Robe, Carbuncle Mitts, Electrum Ring, Ether Ring, Intensifying Cape, Hierarch Belt, DRK AF set, Death scythe, Platinum grip, Bomb core, Parade gorget, Hauberk, Assailants ring, Spinel ring, Psilos mantle, warwolf belt, Thick breeches.


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Soho's Application Empty Re: Soho's Application

Post  Blasta on Sat Jul 11, 2009 5:07 am

We require 2 city wins, however you did edit your post naming specificly your merits and gears. Thank you for that.

Accepted, /tell Blasta, Findanniin or Amarok for pearl


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