Dynamis - Beaucedine - July 20th

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Dynamis - Beaucedine - July 20th Empty Dynamis - Beaucedine - July 20th

Post  Blasta on Sun Jul 19, 2009 4:25 pm

Took a small break from our city runs, because it turned out that no one booked Beaucedine on sunday. Now if you consider that as miracle which it really is, think about this. No JP shells came there either, so we went in without extra drama. While Beaucedine is not that hard to lowman, it was obvious that we could have used some extra healers and DDs.

Since some people still needs city wins, it gave me an opportunity to try attestation NM Goublefaupe for the first time with Gaia. We had our fair share of benny hill when NM trigger was killed. Not only i forgot to tell Findanniin that the trigger eye pops NMs inside the towers, but everyone were at the wrong tower and wiped. Thanks for the laughs fin, it was purely a win moment Very Happy.

The fight itself started off nicely, but a bit slowly. The adds returned when the NM was about 40~50%. Especially Jacko showed his skills today by kiting all 6 adds away, giving the alliance time to catch the NM and kill it. Even though we didnt get the drop, it was amazing to see how we managed the adds.
We didnt get that many AF2s but RDM is always a treat!
Artifacts: SAM, BLU x2, RDM

The NM fight was so epic that i just didnt think of taking a shot.

Dynamis - Beaucedine - July 20th Dynamis43a


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