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Drazzan's Application Empty Drazzan's Application

Post  FFXIDraz on Mon Jul 27, 2009 1:57 pm

Character Name: Drazzan

Jobs(70~75): Dragoon, White Mage, (Black Mage Soon).

Support jobs & levels:
Dragoon Subjobs: WHM 37, BLM 37, BLU 20 (Will obtain 37 soon), SAM 33, NIN 37.
White Mage Subjobs: BLM 37.
Black Mage Subjobs: WHM 37.

Dragoon Merits: Angon, Jump, Spirit Link, Deep Breathing.
White Mage Merits: Devotion, Martyr, Protectra V, Shellra V, Cure Cast Time.
Black Mage: N/A.

Dynamis areas cleared: Bastok, Windurst, San d'Oria.

Are you able to attend both runs?: Yes.

Any other information you would like to add:
I've been playing FFXI for nearly 5 years now (come October) and have a good solid knowledge of how Dynamis and Linkshells work. My main played job is Dragoon, and my current equipment, in my opinion, is good for what i do. It is as follows:

Main: Thallasocrat
Sub: Pole Grip
Head: Champion's Galea with Str+4, Attack+3, Weapon Skill Accuracy+15, Pet Damage Taken -10%
Neck: Chanoix's Gorget
Ear1: Dragoon's Earring
Ear2: Coral Earring
Body: Assault Jerkin/Neuvo Coselete with Double Attack +2% and Critical Hit Rate +3%
Hands: Tarasque Mitts
Ring1: Ulthalam's Ring
Ring2: Ecphoria Ring
Back: Amemet Mantle +1
Waist: Life Belt
Legs: Aurum Cuisses
Feet: Aurum Sabatons

I aim, over the next few months to obtain a full haste set up and a Full Crit Hit set up. If you want me to post these future set ups, please ask.

As for my WHM my gear is lesser, however i have enough satisfactory equipment to fully do the job of WHM.

My highest level craft is Cooking 96.4 currently working on obtaining NIN55 and obtaining a Hocho (Cooking Skill +3) as well as other Cooking Equipment.

I look forward to any responses.



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Drazzan's Application Empty Re: Drazzan's Application

Post  Blasta on Mon Jul 27, 2009 4:52 pm


You can pick your pearl from Blasta, Findanniin or Amarok


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