Dynamis - Beaucedine - August 16th (13 MAN - 12 AF2)

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Dynamis - Beaucedine - August 16th (13 MAN - 12 AF2)

Post  Blasta on Sun Aug 16, 2009 3:11 pm

I have to say i have never had as pissy sunday as this one. I am so sick of DB calender and their 2 month prior booking rule, was about to use stun gun on myself to get over this day. When you toss 12~13 man Beaucedine on top of that, its just not good.

However in Gaia, the lower the better

After clearing the first room, we proly got around 4 AF2s just alone from there. Even though some of the AF2s suck, it surely felt good. I can only imagine if we didnt waste that 15~20 minutes on those 2 wipes, what we could've gotten on top of the whoppin 12 AF2s and 1 Silverpiece. Good job!
(of course when Goblin NIN NM rolls dices at 5% to full cure himself and then uses Mijin Gakure FULL HP, dealing over 2000 damage to some.)


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