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Post  Blasta on Sun Dec 21, 2008 1:27 pm

Artifacts & Casting lots
-You may put up to 2 AF2's to lot on in your search comment before each dynamis. There are no such thing as priorities (#1 & #2 AF2), meaning that you are allowed to cast lots on either artifact which ever drops first (Assuming you have points).

= OK.

Example #2:
= OK.

Example #3:
= OK.

-You must be 65+ in the job(s) you are lotting for (Cities).
-All AF2 from city zones will be subject to attendence-based lotting and for those which have that particular AF2 in their comment each dynamis. All nominated AF2 won from a city dynamis run will result in -2 attendence points from the person winning that AF2.

-You must be 70+ in the job(s) you are lotting for (Northlands, Beaucedine/Xarcabard).
-All AF2 from northlands dynamis (Xarcabard and Beaucedine) will be subject to attendence-based lotting. All nominated AF2 won from a northlands dynamis run will result in -6 attendence points from the person winning that AF2.

-You may only win 1 AF2 per dynamis. (exceptions possible, please check freelot section)

Lotting Priority


1. 2 commented AF2s >

2. Freelot (+65) >

3. Freelot (+37) >

4. Completely free

If redundant AF2 drops that no one commented, it will be catagorized as "free lot". First it will be 65+ only, if no one cast lots on it, it will be 37+. If no one wants 37+, it will be completely free.


-Attendence will come into play. Top attending members will have priority. Keep this in mind and always attend events!

-We expect you to let us know if you cannot join a run. You can give a tell to any members/leaders or post reply under zone thread.
NOTE If you dont let us know, 2 points will be deducted from your total.

-If you are caught going AFK for a long period of time only to come back to lot AF2 shortly after you return, think again. Only members who work hard will obtain AF2 in this LS, period. That being said, we are obviously talking about very long AFK times (20-30 minutes) and short breaks are allowed so long as you let myself or an officer know before you go. The reason for this is that we want our LS running at 100% efficiency and if we have members constantly going AFK for long periods of time we cannot do this effectively.

We highly recommend not going afk during north runs, as they tend to be much shorter but harder. There has been also several cases where player is lost for 30 minutes which is unacceptable. If you dont know for sure where everyone are, stay still. It is much easyer for leaders to pick you up from last camp. If you see someone going afk without any notice, you are expected to report to leaders.

Point system
Every Dynamis you attend will grant you 2 points, if you have to leave early you will be given points depending if leaders think you contributed enough. By showing up 30 minutes early to trail-markings will grant you 1 extra point. (3 points is maximum per run)

I am personally very strict about this matter, too many players leave during Dynamis runs. As a reminder to everyone, there are no certain time limit which after we give full points. We also take a look at parse and check your activity.

Assist macro
-Always use /assist in dynamis and always turn auto-target OFF before we enter. Soloing mobs will not be tolerated. There is no need for it and it just causes deaths. (BLMs & statues are exception)

Example of an /assist macro used in dynamis:
/assist Amarok

If you do not know/understand "/assist" command, please ask from our leaders or other members.

Currency & Payouts
All currency will be lotted by my co-leader and sold after run. ALL the money will be stored to bank and split fair and square to members according their points.
(Payouts will be given atleast once a month if currency flow is good)

Sponsoring is not a possibility at any point, though if you show us dedication (Ie. Stage 3-4 relic) We will consider selling you currency slightly lower price.

Dynamis Run Times
-All dynamis runs will start at 5PM GMT on Thursday's and Sunday's. (Winter)
-All dynamis runs will start at 5PM BST on Thursday's and Sunday's. (Summer)
(BST = British Summer Time)
-As stated above at point section, showing up early at trail-markings will grant you extra point.


Common Questions
-Q1. Do I still get my points for the run if I win an AF2?
Yes. As soon as you win an AF2 those points are deducted from the points you had before the run. After the run is finished you will receive the points earned during that run. So if you start with 10, and you win nominated AF2 1 hour into Dynamis, you will have 8 points for the rest of the run. Once the run is finished 1-3 points are added to your total depending on your attendance.

-Q2. If I win an AF2 item in a city and use 2 points, are those points also taken off the gil payouts?
Yes, by winning an AF item you forfeit 2 points from your total, the same totals are used for gil payouts.

-Q3. I want to nominate #1 RDM and #2 PLD for my Xarcabard run, and another player wants #1 PLD #2 BLM, if I have more points than him/her can I lot on PLD first?
We don't use #1 or #2 nominations in this Dynamis LS. If PLD drops, all those that nominated PLD are compared, and the person with the most points gets to lot it.

-Q4. I have 10 points and I want COR or MNK AF2 from the next Jeuno run, if COR drops first do I have to lot it if I'm the points leader?
No, if you want MNK more you can choose not to lot, then the person with the next highest points can lot COR. It is possible that no-one else has COR nominated, in which case it will go free lot, and you can try to win without losing points.

-Q5. Can I nominate AF2s when I have 0 points?
No, you must have enough points before the run to nominate the appropriate AF2 (2 points for city, 6 for Northlands). If you have less than this, you can still lot on AF2 that goes freelot.

-Q6. I share my FFXI account with my brother, I am BLM75 and he is BRD75. We can't play dynamis together but can alternate between BLM and BRD depending on our work shifts. Can we share the same points under one name?
This can be permitted but only if discussed when you join the LS, and agreed by the leaders, and will normally only be for players in the same household. Both players must have jobs that are suitable for Dynamis runs.


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