BESICKL'S application

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BESICKL'S application

Post  Besickl on Thu Feb 05, 2009 1:41 am

Application form:
Character Name: Besickl
Jobs(70~75): 75BLU 75 BST
Support jobs & levels: 66 DNC 50 DRG 42 WHM 38 MNK 37NIN
Merits:3 into MP, 1 into Crit rate hits, 1 in Diffusion, 1 into Convergance, 1 into Feral Howl and currently 3 unused points
Dynamis areas cleared: Sandy only clear have been part of Bastok and Windy runs
Any other information you would like to add (tell about yourself, past linkshells, good gears, crafts and so on)
Relatively new player to Dynamis have been a part of several linkshells. I will be able to attend Feb. 5 run however I usually work at that time so will not be able to make majority of Thursday runs. I currently live with my fiance who plays Keyara on the game and I have partied with Emiperor before.


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Re: BESICKL'S application

Post  Blasta on Thu Feb 05, 2009 4:12 am

We are looking for members that are able to attend both runs, this is why i have to deny your application for now. If your schedule changes that you might be able to attend both, then please let us know.

~ Blasta


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